How to Install and Activate Scania SDP3 V2.43.1 on Win7

This post comes with Scania VCI3 SDP3 V2.43.1 user manual incl. application and driver software installation, activation, cracking and VCI update.

Software version: Scania SDP3 2.43.1

scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-1 (2)

Language: Czech, German, English, Spanish, Persian, Suomi, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Thailand, Turkish, Chinese

scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-2 (2)
scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-3 (2)

Operating system: Windows 7 32 bit/64 bit
Compatibility: confirmed to work with Scania VCI 3 interface only!

scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-4 (2)

How to activate SDP3 V2.43.1?
Please send your ID to your dealer to activate.

How to install Scania SDP3 2.43.1?

Step-by-step installation guide:
Step 1: Copy the Scania SDP3 v2.43.1 file to desktop
There are 4 items in the file: incl.
SDP3 Patch
Scania Diagnose & Programmer 3 2.43.1

scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-5 (2)

Step 2: install Adobe Reader 9.2

scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-6 (2)

Step 3: Open “NDP462-KB3151800-X86-X64-AIIOS-ENU”to install Microsoft 4.6.2

scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-7 (2)
scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-8 (2)

Step 4: Install Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3 2.43.1 setup

scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-9 (2)
scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-10 (2)

Step 5: Run Prerequisites

scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-11 (2)

If the procedure appear “access is denied” error, please copy “_prereqset64v3” to Disk [c:] and establish a new folder as “fix”

scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-12 (2)
scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-13 (2)

Run computer cmd to enter “C:\fix” and” _prereqset64v3” to fix the error

scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-14 (2)
scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-15 (2)

Restart computer

Step 6: Install SDP3 2.43.1 driver software
Go to KeyGenandFIX folder, install 64bit driver
Device driver software installed successfully. Device is ready to use.

scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-16 (2)
scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-17 (2)

Step 7: Activate & crack SDP3 2.40.1
Open KeyGenandFIX folder->Hardware ID Reader-> SDP3 HWID reader x86 (public)

scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-18 (2)

Copy and paste hardware ID to desktop
Merge registry editor on desktop
Open Fix File folder, copy and replace SCMM_SSK.dat and SCOMM_SSK-HL.dll file to C:/Program Files/Scania/SDP    3 folder

scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-19 (2)

Open Time application and press Crack
Crack sdp3 succeed.
Restart computer

Step 8: Run Software
Open SDP3 Configurator on desktop
Select software language and interface
Run SDP3 software

scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-20 (2)
scania-sdp3-v2.43.1-install-activate-21 (2)

That’s all!

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