Download, Install and Activate License of Ford Forscan

Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-1 (2)

How-to: Download, install and obtain the free two-month license of forscan which allows Ford and Mazda vehicles to be diagnosed and configured at official machine level.

Forscan compatible hardwares:

original ELS27 adapter, ELS27 clone cable with green board, SVCI J2534, VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda, ELM327 code reader, UCDS, OBDLink SX/MX (STN11xx), CANtieCAR (in “FORScan” mode), Tactrix OpenPort J2534 Pass-Thru,Ford VCM 2 etc

Download & install license of forscan:
Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-1 (2)

Visit and download Forscan version for Windows (i.e FORScan version beta for Windows)

Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-2 (2)
Run Forscan setup, select language and install
Accept license agreement
Choose to create desktop shortcut
Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-3 (2)

Finish install Forscan setup

Run Forscan software on desktop

Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-4 (2)
Press About icon, then copy hardware ID to clipboard

Go to download again

Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-5 (2)
Choose Get Free Extended License (2 month trial)

Forscan Standard License vs. Extended License Windows versions
Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-6 (2)
Register and login Forscan forum (

Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-7 (2)
Enter first and last name or company name, i.e: Linux, contact phone and hardware ID, press Generate license

Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-8 (2)
Download license
Save ForscanLicenseKey

Go to back Forscan software

Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-9 (2)
Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-10 (2)

Upload license file
Press YES to continue

Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-11 (2)
Activate license success. You’ve got 2 month free trial.

Click on Setting button->Connection tab

Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-12 (2)
Select Auto connection type and save setting
Now software is ready to use.
Connect Forscan ESL27 interface or other J2534 adapter with vehicle via OBD socket and computer

Run diagnosis and programming.

Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-13 (2)

Download-Install-and-Activate-License-of-Ford-Forscan-14 (2)

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