Tango Key Programmer Writes Megamos 48 CS Confirmed!

This an original Scorpio-LK Tango Key Programmer help file.

Purpose: write Megamos 48 component security
Component Security in Megamos 48 key

The modern immobilizers of the VAG-group vehicles have such conception as “Component Security” (CS). The CS is an array of 7 bytes length. Its role in a vehicle is to forbid a mixing of electronic units from different cars. In terms of the immobilizer the CS is a “password” that used in couple of the Motor Unit (ECU) and the immobilizer.

The protection scheme includes 3 components that share the CS, they are: ECU


The protection scheme allows the engine to start only in case when the CS is identical in all the three components.

Key and CS

The CS is a part of the Crypto Key and fills its upper area Word9-Word6.

ECU and CS

ECU uses the CS as a password. More modern ECUs contain only 6 bytes of the CS. In this case the CS should be extracted from another devices, for example it may be a dashboard.


The vehicle dashboard usually has a role of an immobilizer. The IMMO always contains all the 7 bytes of the CS.

The Tango key programming tool “Write Component Security 7 Bytes” (Megamos 48 window) helps you to put the CS manually into a transponder.

Example of ECU BOSCH Motronic M7:

ECU dump, eeprom 95040:


The CS has been marked in the blue color.

To write the CS, invoke the tool and type the CS in the window:


Select the vehicle brand and press the Write button.

Temporary the Seat brand is unavailable.

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