Lonsdor K518ISE Adds Volvo XC60 2009 Smart Key Success

New feedback: Volvo XC60 2009 add key with Lonsdor K518ISE success. Before adding key All keys was deleted and after programming active stays only two keys that was programmed on This time. So other keys , stays inactive.

It takes 2 hours with no hurry.

Read CEM data with Kprog2

Program key with Lonsdor

Credit to Arturs Bedre.

lonsdor-k518ise-volvo-XC60-2009-add-key-1 lonsdor-k518ise-volvo-XC60-2009-add-key-2 lonsdor-k518ise-volvo-XC60-2009-add-key-3 lonsdor-k518ise-volvo-XC60-2009-add-key-4
lonsdor-k518ise-volvo-XC60-2009-add-key-5 lonsdor-k518ise-volvo-XC60-2009-add-key-6 lonsdor-k518ise-volvo-XC60-2009-add-key-8 lonsdor-k518ise-volvo-XC60-2009-add-key-9 lonsdor-k518ise-volvo-XC60-2009-add-key-10

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