Month: August 2019

2019.08 AT200 ECU programmer BMW Vehicle Coverage

AT200 BMW ECU programmer is updated to versio 1.31. It coveres 1272 new car models. And it can work for B38DME, to read ISN and clone ECU.   AT200 ECU programmer BMW car list: Series   Engine ECU 1 E82 116d 2000 N47D20 116 BOSCH EDC17C41 118d N47D20 143 BOSCH EDC17C41

VXDIAG Benz WIS “Application blocked by java security” Error Solution

Problem: Device: VXDIAG multi tool with full brand Software: WIS When running WIS software, VXDIAG Benz displayed an error “Application blocked by java security” OBD2TOOL Solution: Change your laptop date/time to 01/01/2019.

Free Download VXDIAG VCX DoIP Update Tool

Here provides DoIP update tool free download: Free download vxdiag update_doIP.exe!LyJ3mSBR!BOCg0wU5aQHNGiId_jvZs4gmvxXTxm0plurOWhKEqQg The Update tool is used when you failed to update Vxdiag Benz C6 firmware to v1.5.3 or above.That is because your VXDIAG C6 firmware is too old. You need to download the update tool to update it to version

VXDIAG Subaru Cannot be started, activate SSM4 Error Solution

Problem: Hi, thank you so much for setup the VXDIAG Subaru SSM3 software for me. But it gave me an error when i tried to run SSM III. Error: “The SSMIII cannot be started because the SSM4 is not activated. Activate the SSM4 to start the SSM-III” It also asks an

John Deere Service Advisor in Use

If you haven’t heard about John Deere Service advisor yet, we explain that this is an innovative product for electronic systems, which are integrated into John Deere’s equipment for agriculture, forestry and constructing. Speaking in plain language, it is a software application suitable for all Windows versions and helping machines

Lonsdor K518ISE Adds BMW CAS3++Smart Keys Success

Tested successfully! Lonsdor K518S Key Programmer is able to add a smart key to BMW CAS3++. Here’s the programming instruction in detail (with images)… Lonsdor K518ise: Immobilizer – BMW Select from type: CAS2/CAS3 series Program key Will start to make a dealer key this can add one key (select blank position)

Lonsdor K518ISE Adds Volvo XC60 2009 Smart Key Success

New feedback: Volvo XC60 2009 add key with Lonsdor K518ISE success. Before adding key All keys was deleted and after programming active stays only two keys that was programmed on This time. So other keys , stays inactive. It takes 2 hours with no hurry. Read CEM data with Kprog2 Program

Lonsdor K518 Program Renault Clio IV All Keys Lost Step-by-Step

Renault Clio 4 all keys lost key card programming is verified can be done by Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S key programming under subscribed menu. Read pin code – ok Immobilizer programming- ok Remote programming-ok Note: Require to dismantle the smart key module HFM to read D-FLASH D70F3633 data by programmer (VVDI Prog,