Downloads failing with INLINE 7 and J1939 for older modules, How can I fix this

Calibration Transfers/Downloads failing with Cummins INLINE 7 and J1939 for older modules (CM570, Celect, Celect Plus, CM550,etc)

Enable J1939 Inter-Message Delay on Cummins INLINE 7

*   Exit INSITE, and any other application that uses the datalink Adapter.
*   Exit the INLINE 7 Explorer by right clicking the tray icon and choosing exit.
*   Launch CumminsValidationTool from the start menu. Note when searching the start menu: There are no spaces in the name.
*   Select the INLINE 7 Driver and Device, and then click Settings.
*   Under Misc, Change “J1939 Inter-Message Delay (msec)” to 10.
*   Click Save, and then close the CumminsValidationTool. Reopen INSITE and calibration should succeed.

What types of protocols are supported for INLINE 7 and INLINE Mini?


Are there known issues with other datalink / Auto diagnostic tool?


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