Why does MDI Explorer display UPDATE MDI SW

1.Why does MDI Explorer display UPDATE MDI S/W?
The MDI software needs to be updated. This condition typically occurs when new MDI software is installed on the PC.
Connect to MDI with USB.
*  Select ‘Update MDI’
*  Start Update’ to perform a software update



2.Why does the MDI Manager not detect an MDI interface but the Properties tab indicates that the interface is properly configured?
In order for an MDI’s interface (wired Ethernet or wireless) to be detected by the MDI Manager, the PC must also be configured for communications on the same network.
*  For wireless communications, verify that the PC can communicate with the Access Point or Router being used by the MDI.
*  For wired Ethernet, verify that the PC can communicate with other devices on the network

3.Why does the MDI Explorer display UPDATE PC S/W?
This condition occurs if someone else has updated an OBD-II scan tool MDI from a different PC. The MDI contains newer software than the PC. The PC software needs to be updated


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