Xtool X-100 PAD Main Unit


Avoid shaking or dismantling the unit as it may damage the internal components.

Do not use hard or sharp objects to touch the LCD screen; do not use excessive force; do not expose the screen to strong sunlight for a long period.

Caution: keep it away from water, moisture, high temperature or very low temperature.

If necessary, calibrate the screen before testing to ensure the accuracy of LCD performance.

Keep the X-100 PAD main unit away from strong magnetic fields.

Operation Instructions  

For safe operation please follow the instructions below:

Keep the XTOOL X100 PAD away from heat or fumes when using it.

If the vehicle battery contains acid, please keep your hands and skin or fire sources away from the battery during testing.

Exhaust gas of vehicle contains harmful chemicals, please ensure adequate ventilation.

Do not touch the cooling system components or exhaust manifolds when engine is running due to the high temperatures reached.

Make sure the car is securely parked, Neutral is selected or the selector is at P or N position to prevent the vehicle from moving when engine starts.

Make sure the (DLC) diagnostic link connector is functioning properly before starting the test to avoid damage to the Diagnostic Computer.

Do not switch off the power or unplug the connectors during testing, otherwise you may damage the ECU and/or the Diagnostic Computer.

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