Ktag 7.020 review deleted DPF, EGR, DTC successfully

Finally received my Ktag package. It’s firmware KTAG Master version. and tested on three cars today today.

See my Ktag fw 7.020: looks good


30-2 30-3

Now, i’ll chip in some words of my experience.

Three ECUs i’ve tested:

ISUZU ECU Transtron 4JJ1

Mazda Denso ECU RF8P

Hino 700 Denso Diesel ECU

Attached pictures here. Here you go…

Transtron 4JJ1 SH7058 ISUZU (P430):

without sensors

30-4 30-5 30-6

Ktag deleted DPF&EGR: success!

Mazda Denso RF8P (P277):

30-7 30-8 30-9

k-tag Fw 7.020 deleted DPF & Lambda: success

Hino 700 Denso Diesel ECU (P347):



Ktag v7.020 DPF & EGR and DTC deleted: success

In summary, i’m satisfied! This ktag works good for me, without issues.

Later, i’ll test on more (Mercedes S Class W221 ME9.7 ECU, Vw passage 1.6 TDI pcr2.1, etc.)

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