Xtool X100 pad2 key programmer user manual

XTOOL PAD2 Key Programmer user manual for you all here!

Xtool x100 pad 2 details includes:
xtool x100 pad2?price:  $718
x100 pad2?key programmer specification
x100?pad 2 key programmer update
xtool x100 pad2 activation
xtool x100 pad2 special function
xtool x100 pad2?review
xtool x100 pad2?pdf
X100?Pad 2 key programmer manual


Xtool x100 pad2 real photos from http://www.obd2tool.com/


AEV’s ProCal Module is a hand-held powerhouse

AEV ProCal Module is a hand-held powerhouse! This essential tool provides JK owners an easy, low-cost way to make a variety of useful changes not offered by the dealer or any other re-programmer. Topping the list is the ability to correct the speedometer and gear ratio when larger tires are installed. When the speedometer is left uncorrected, there is a major degradation in the performance of the stability control (ESP), transmission shifting, and engine performance.

The best part of the ProCal is that it isn’t just for correcting the speedometer. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System can now be recalibrated to better suit aftermarket tires without triggering the dash light. Further, the Professional Diagnostic Tools ProCal Module makes it possible to activate daytime running lamps, “one-touch” turn signals, enable a temporarily increased engine idle speed for winching, clear engine codes, and even has a feature to help alignment technicians align the vehicle perfectly for optimal ESP performance.

The ProCal Module is equipped with a series of easy-to-use DIP switches. By reading the simple Quick Reference Guide included with the ProCal module, a user can quickly dial in a code for the desired recalibration. Once the DIP switches are set, simply plug the Module into the vehicle’s OBDII. The whole process can be completed in mere minutes and it’s just as easy to restore the vehicle back to its original settings with the ProCal.

Please note:
1.The AEV ProCal will enable axle gear ratio changes to be made to Wranglers equipped with the A580 Automatic transmission (2011+ 2.8L, 2012+ 3.6L)
2.The AEV ProCal cannot change axle gear ratios for 2011+ 2.8L CRD diesel Wranglers with manual transmissions.
3.AEV’s ProCal Module now features an all-new Transfer Case Calibration function that allows customers to install a non-stock transfer case into their 2012+ JK Wrangler (w/ A580 trans) without causing the vehicle to go into limp mode. This includes 2-speed Atlas transfer cases as well as Chrysler’s Command-Trac NV241 (Sport/Sahara) and Rock-Trac NV241 (Rubicon) transfer cases.This new feature is only found on the latest version of the ProCal Module (part number 30406007AG). As of 2/18/16, all ProCal Modules being shipped from AEV are the latest version and include this function.

Ktag KTM100 V7.003 work as Original Trasdata

Is it possible to read edc17c64 with ktm100? Here is the test report of an Ktag expert.

And this is the post with the most likes:
“I made for my friend remap of skoda octavia 3 rs tdi. he bought ECU Scanners Ktag ktm100, the vendor send me dump, i made remap without doi decalibration and lambda for 1100 after 1000mg of air. car is running and starting without problem. i start writing here to know how upgrade to fake firmware v7.003. I think in clone Trasdata is allowed protocols menu with edc17c64 and edc17c66 if firmware = 7.003. with trasdata menu to confirmation then there is true and china ktm100 can do edc17c64 !!!”

Ordered KTM100 firmware v7.003 from obd36.com and received it last weekend.
ktm100 china is in fact trasdata i think…
Also it’s kind of the same as Ktag v6.070.
But this Ktag does not support BMW F chassis petrol and Mercedes-Benz W222
Only possible after fw 7.020 and ksuite 2.22 frm obd2tool.com

ktm100 can do edc17c64 gpt!!! (And no possible 2l tdi 184 edc17 c64 wi)
this is my photo of edc17c64 with china no reworked ktm100 done.








These new ecus i have tested:
BMW 520d F10 EDC17C41 DDE8

Volvo edc17cp48 GPT
Mercedes CLA 217 1.6turbo MED17.7.3 GPT
Honda Edc17 GPT (dont remember exact model)

All seems to work AS ORIGINAL. Toyota Denso included also! And Yes, same as others say, KTAG master KTM100 V2.23 Firmware V7.020 is FAKE Trasdata. 100% same tool, same software, same car list, same protocols, just different name. . ktag will not work with ktm100… only if you will apply one patch for this and change .ept…and will be trasdata.

Engine?Control?Module Recovery by GM MDI or Tech 2

This is step-by-step instruction on how to do engine control module recovery on Cadillac cars.

modules tested successfully with the tools and guide below:
2009 Buick?Enclave
2007-2009 Cadillac CTS, SRX, STS
2009 Chevrolet Traverse
2007 GMC Acadia
2009 GMC Acadia
2007 Saturn OUTLOOK
2009 Saturn OUTLOOK


Diagnostic tool:
GM MDI module/
GM Tech 2 scanner
GM Tech2
Engine control module recovery procedure:
1. Disconnect the programming device.
2. Power down the control modules connected to the GMLAN bus by disconnecting the positive?battery?cable for 2 minutes.
3. Reconnect the positive battery cable.
4. Determine which programming device will be used to perform the recovery steps.
If using GM MDI, connect to the programming station or Notebook using a cable (LAN). Proceed to Step 5 and then Steps 6-8.
If using a Tech 2 proceed to Steps 6-8.
5. Reboot the programming station or Notebook. This is to make sure nothing is in memory.
OBD2 Note: Selecting Replace and Reprogram from the Select Auto diagnostic tool and Process Screen is REQUIRED because some of the calibrations may be erased from the initial attempt to reprogram the module.
6. Reprogram the engine control module. Select Replace and Reprogram from the Select Diagnostic Tooland Process Screen.
7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the programming event.
8. Clear all DTCs using the GM Tech 2 or GDS.

06 Chevrolet program key fobs using GM TECH2 with 32MB card and CANdi module

This post is on 2006 Chevrolet program key fobs using GM Tech2 with 32MB card and CANdi module.

Car model and year:
2006 Chevrolet
Program Key Fobs

Tool to use:
Tech 2 GM Scan Tool with  GM Tech 2 32MB Memory card (updated) and the CANdi module (as cheap as $224 at obd2tool.com)


Install the GM Tech 2 scan tool
Turn ON the ignition with the engine OFF
Power On the Scan Tool
Click “Enter”


Vehicle identification – Model Year > (9) 2006


Vehicle identification – Product Type > Passenger Car

Vehicle identification – Product Make > (1) Chevrolet


Vehicle identification – Product Line > A


Diagnostics > F6: Body and Accessories


Vehicle identification – Service Categories > Keyless Entry


Body and Accessories > F5: Module Setup


Module Setup > F0: Body Control Module

Body Control Module > F0: Program Key Fobs


Program Key Fobs > F0: Invalidate all key fobs


Click “Continue”.


Click “Continue”.


Click “No” when get message “would you please program another key fob”


Procedure complete


(How-to) SKP900 V5.0 add new Toyota Corolla H chip key OK

Is it possible SKP900 to make a new Toyota H chip key? How?

Yes, it’s newly tested SuperOBD SKP900 V5.0 program Toyota H chip for Toyota Corolla 2015 OK! (With a working key) Check below step by step!

How to make a new Toyota Corolla H chip remote key by SKP900 key programmer?

Part 1: SKP-900 Toyota H chip Key Programming
Use the original working key to turn on car ignition.
Power on SKP900 key programmer
Go to “IMMOBILIZER” then select “TOYOTA”.


Tips show:
Turn ignition on?–Press “YES” button.
Insert the registered main key?– Press “YES” button.
Then use the new key you want to add to turn on car ignition. (The car immobilizer light will keep flashing)
When the immobilizer light stop flashing and turn off, key programming is successful!


Part 2: SuperOBD SKP-900 Key Programmer Toyota H chip Key Match to complete key programming
Same procedure to the “SYSTEM TYPE” menu, choose “REMOTE”.

Go to “REMOTE SYSTEM 2” then use the original working key to turn ignition on.
Now follow the instruction: open the driver’ side door, press the door unlock button and keep all other doors close.

New H chip remote key is working as the original!
In 30 seconds you should press the new key both LOCK& UNLOCK buttons, then press the UNLOCK button once again.

Key Programm Tool SuperOBD SKP900 program 2013 Range Rover Evoque remote key OK

Now you successfully add a new Toyota H chip key for Corolla 2015!

New Genius K-Touch Clone Review Tested Many

New Genius china clone, what ECU Scanners can work and what cannot work? K-Touch OBD ecu programmer real reviews from users…. Here you go.

Today i got New Genius K-Touch from china. I tested on Med 9.1.1 Audi q7 4.2 FSI.
Id and read ok.

Today i read edc17c19 Opel insignia. work very fast

K-Touch is a crap tool made from KESS V2 v4.036 tech with a screen on it.
I would never use it on any kind of car, even not EDC15.

Works ok, tested on Nissan navara read and write Obd2 codes, edc 15 Fiat read write obd, pcr 2.1 read. But doesn’t calculate checksum and don’t read full size file like kess and ktag. Is not kess with lcd is another interface but from same company.

Mine still working well. After 7x resetting the token counter.

Audi Q7. File read with New genius is 100% correct (size 0x27C000).

I have done BMW E46 318i ecu without issues.

Tested today PSA edc17c10 read on boot and test write by obd ok

MED17. 5.2 – Jetta tsi 2.0 tp8/10
Fail to Write, fail recover many times with fans on
Recover with original file worked

It is possible to clone CiD,but need SD Card from China that has an EEPROM instead of PROM.

I successfully remapped a Range Rover sport 2.7Tdi today with this Ktouch from china.
First attempt I just assumed software did checksum. Started car and cut out within 5seconds. Second attempt I did checksums in winols and wrote back to car and everything was fine. My kess v2 read a 2mb file and the dimsport read a 256kb file but all the maps were in the read!

Genius has a perfect feature. It can bypass TPROT security and allow to to flash TPROT ecus without having to open the ecu to unlock it at the first place. You just flash your mod by OBD like you would on any other non TPROT ecu. (Although on TPROT ecus reading function is not available)
But the problem is, that you need to checksum the file with Race Evo on these ecus. Anything else will not work.

Installed on XP in vm for now all ok.

I run it on Windows 10 x64 with SSD hard drive.

Focus MK2 2.0 Petrol
-> Read OK 2MB File, full read (no partial reading)
-> Write – Ori file OK
– Modded File with CKS -> NOT OK, Engine start with DTC Throttle Fail
– Modded File with CKS write with KESS V2 OK
– Conclusion => Read Only, write ECU Error or worst BRICKED

Tested on :
2016 Mitsubishi Montero Sport/L200 with 4N15 engine 2.4 DOHC MIVEC Turbo Diesel 181hp. Result :
Read -> OK
Write -> OK
2014 Chevrolet Spin 1.5 ECOTEC Petrol. Result :
Read -> OK
Write -> OK
2016 Chevrolet Trax 1.4 Turbo Petrol. Result :
Read -> OK
Write -> OK
2014 Chevrolet Spin 1.3 TDCi. Result :
Read -> OK
Write -> OK
2010 Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2.0 4B11 CVT. Result :
Read -> OK
Write -> OK

Tested on golf 7 gti 220HP simos18 NOT WORK !

Since the protocol enabled is an old version, it doesn’t cover all file sizes.

You will get “incorrect file size” error when you try to upload the file to the ecu.

How to install WiTech MicroPod 2 software 17.04.27 on Windows 7?

How to install Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 software 17.04.27 on Windows 7?

Step 1: install AdobeAIRInstaller.exe
Step 2: install jre-6u45-windows-i586.exe
Step 3: install wiTECH_Install_17.04.27.exe
Step 4: restart the computer

Pay attention:
The computer date must be set to that day. (The day you install WiTech MicroPod 2 17.04.27)
The computer must be connected to the Internet.
Connect the MicroPod 2 to computer to open the software.
When it pop up registration tips, turn off the software and turn it on  repeatedly then you can use it.

Which MicroPod 2 clone is tested 100% safe to use?
wiTech MicroPod 2
WiTech 17.03.10 OK
WiTech 17.04.27 OK
Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 Best Quality OEM
WiTech 17.03.10 OK
WiTech 17.04.27 Still testing
6-2 6-3

Tips: Difference between Chrysler Micropod II and Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 Best Quality OEM
Same: Internet connection OK, Chrysler online programming and diagnosis OK
Different: Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 Best Quality OEM is much better than wiTech MicroPod 2’s.
You get what you pay for from Obd2tool.com. Hope it helps my friend!

How to setting WIFI OF MB SD Connect Compact 4

We know The MB SD Connect Compact 4 can connecting with Both Lan cable and WIFI, some customers might have question and problem about how to setting WIFI. OBD2TOOL share with you about WIFI setting on SD Connect C4.

How to Setting Benz diagnostic tool MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis WIFI?
Steps by steps instruction:
Click wireless network icon to select “View Available Wireless Network”.

Click “Refresh network list”.

Click “Change advanced settings”.

Select Wireless Network.
Tick on “Use Windows to configure my wireless network setting”.
Click Add.

Enter Network name..
Tick on “Connection even if this network is not broadcasting”
Cancel tick on “The key is provided for me automatically”.
Tick on “This is a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network; wireless access points are not used”
Enter network key and confirm it. (network key: 26 a)

Go to Connection and tick on “correct when this internet is in range”, then click OK.

Enter the network key and click Connect.

Click the red circle in the menu bar.
Select Configuration and then click Yes.
Select MUX>> Register/Configure.

Select Encryption: WEP/Hex and enter the key (26 “a”s), then click Start.

Click OK.

Close Administration interface.
And you will see the network set just now is connected.

That’s all finished
If you have a MB SD Connect C4 wanna setting wifi or do not know how to setting WIFI, please can following with this instructions, hope it would help you.
If you wanna USE SOFTWARE DIRECTLY , we recommend you buy the SD C4 plus DELL D630 Laptop package.