Autoboss V30 Scanner VS Autoboss V30 Elite Super Scanner

Eobdtool supply powerful Autoboss V30 scanner and Autoboss V30 Emite Super Scanner for sale. Both Autoboss V30 scanner and Autoboss V30 Elite super scanner  are original, released by Autoboss technology.

13829462129 1 300x300 Autoboss V30 Scanner VS Autoboss V30 Elite Super Scanner

What’s different between Autoboss V30 Scanner and Autoboss V30 Elite Super Scanner?

1. autoboss v30 elite has 3 special functions: self-learn function, Comparison function, record function.
2. Autoboss v30 elite and autoboss v30 scanner both support 6 languages, while autoboss v30 elite support: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, autoboss v30 support: English, Spanish, French, Russian, German and Traditional Chinese

3. Autoboss v30 elite coverage over 57 manufacturers with up to 148 systems per vehicle, 4000+ car models. while autoboss v30 only support about 20 car brands and less car models.

4. Autoboss v30 elite support WIFI connection, while autoboss v30 support bluetooth connection.

5. Autoboss v30 elite package includes more connect cables and adapters than autoboss v30, so autoboss v30 elite can support more cars than autoboss v30.
Autoboss v30 elite equipe higher configurations, functional than Autoboss V30, cover more cars than it as well.

How to Fix Citroen C2 Engine Won’t Run with Lexia 3 Scanner

Recently my garage fixed a Citroen C2 equipped with 1.6L engine and manual transmission. It has about 130,000 km. The driver said the engine would not run when he started the car.

Trouble diagnostics:

I checked the storage battery and the power supply system. They were ok. I used LEXIA-3/PP2000 scanner to diagnose the engine system. There was no fault code. I checked the crankshaft sensor. Measured the electric resistance, it was ok. Replaced the crankshaft sensor with a new one. Tested the car. The engine still cannot run. I found that the fuel pressure was about 300kpa, which met the standard value. I checked the fuel injector. It was also ok. Then I checked the ignition system. Spark plug and ignition coil also had no problem.


I used  LEXIA3 diagnostic tool to test the BSI. No fault codes. Looked at the data stream. I found that the engine control module was locked. I brought the ignition key, BSI and engine control module from another car. And equipped them in the trouble car. The engine also cannot start. Maybe something wrong with the converter module of steering wheel or circuits of anti-starting system. So I changed the converter module of steering wheel. But, the trouble still existed. Measured the voltage. The 5th terminal is 0v. The standard valve should be the voltage storage battery. I checked the circuits. I found that in F4 fuse in BSI was broken. The ignition key cannot contact with BSI. BSI failed to send the unlock message, so the engine was locked.


I changed the F4 fuse. Tested the car. The engine can start smoothly.

V2015.7 Toyota IT2 for Toyota and Suzuki FAQ

2015.7V Toyota Intelligent Tester-2(DST-2) for Toyota and Suzuki is a touch screen tool that enables you to diagnose control system for engines, ABS and airbag, even through CAN-diagnosis communication.

toyota IT2

toyota IT2

V2015.7 Toyota IT2 for Toyota and Suzuki FAQ:

Q1: is Toyota Denso IT2 with CF card?
A1:yes, Toyota IT2 is with CF card, there is a CF card slot at the back of Toyota IT2 main unit. When you use the main unit, please do not take it off, CF card is used to store the tested result. Please refer “Toyota ITS2 Names of the Parts”.

Q2:Is this new and with the oscilloscope too?
A2: Yes, it is with  oscilloscope .

Q3: Can i use this product to do airbag coding?
A3: Yes,you can.It can do airbag coding and simple ecu programming.

Q: How many pieces of card in the package of Toyota IT2?
A: There are 3pcs of cards: Toyota card, Suzuki card and one blank card for backup, as for the software version, please pay attention to our newest notice.

Q: Does TOYOTA IT2 have touch-screen calibration?
A: yes, it has. The touch-screen calibration is optional in the menu bar.

Q: Which tool can make key and program ECU for Toyota 2010-2012?
A: Advice you use Allscanner IT3, Toyota IT2 and X-VCI Toyota.

Q: Can Toyota intelligent tester IT2 read smart key information?
A: Toyota it2 can program key but can’t read smart key information.

Install Ford IDS-V96 in VMware Player Step by Step

Bros! Good news! We obdtool now has released the newest version Ford vcm IDS V96! Have you updated to the new version IDS? Do you have any trouble in installing the VMware or else? Here obdtool technicians help you to install Ford IDS-V96 in VMware player with detailed instruction.

Video guide:

Guide via pics:

  1. install VMware
  2. install Windows XP Professional and VMware Tools
  3. reset date and time on on VMware
  4. install Calibration
  5. install ids-v91.01_full
  6. check if IDS-91.01 is successfully installed or not
  7. install Ford-IDS-V96.01-full
  8. install VCMII Driver
  9. Install the software for USB Serial Converter
  10. Install the software for USB Serial Port
  11. diagnosis with IDS
  1. install VMware

Open “computer/ DVD RW Drive (E:) Ford Mazda IDS” to copy “en_windows_xp” to “Local Disk (D:)”.

Open “computer/ DVD RW Drive (E:) Ford Mazda IDS/VMware-workstation-full-10.0.3-1895310”

Click “Next” for installation wizard for VMware workstation.

Select “I accept the terms….” and click “Next” to go on.

Select “Typical” setup type.

Click “Next” on Destination folder.

Click “Next” on Software Updates.

Click “Next” on User Experience Improvement Program.

Click “Next” on Shortcuts.

Click “Continue” to begin the process.

Performing the requested operations. (about 30min)

You will see an icon of VMware Workstation on Desktop.

Enter license key

—Open “computer/ DVD RW Drive (E:) Ford Mazda IDS/VMware-workstation-KEY” to copy the key.

Click “Enter”.

Click “Finish”. The setup wizard has successful completed its operation to VMware workstation.

  1. install Windows XP Professional and VMware Tools

Open “Computer/Local Disk (D:)” to establish a new folder named “VX DIAG Ford”, then minimize the interface.

Open “VMware Workstation” on Desktop.

Click “File” on the top menu for “New Virtual Machine…”.

Click “Next” with “Typical” type of configuration.

Click “Installer disc image file (iso)” and browse for “D:\en_windows_xp.iso” to go on.

In Easy Install Information, copy the en_windows_xp.iso key to the “Windows product key” to continue.

Name “VX Ford VCMII” as Virtual machine name, set Location —“Computer/Local Disk(D:)/VX DIAG Ford” , and click “Next”.

Set Maximum disk size as “120.0” and click “Next” with selection of “Split virtual disk”on Specify Disk Capacity.

Click “Customer Hardware…”

(Note: how much memory should you allocate to the virtual machine depens on your computer’s actual memory. E.g. My computer memory is 4G and I allocate 1GB to virtual machine. Ps. You are advixed to use a computer with 4G memory.)

Click “Memory” on the left menu, and set “1024” MB as memory of this virtual machine. Then close the Hardware interface.

Click “Finish” to create virtual machine and start installing Windows XP Professional and VMware Tools.

installing Windows XP Professional and VMware Tools…(about 50 min)

The date and time on your computer is the same as that on VMware.

Turn off computer.

Close “VX Ford VCMII” interface on VMware Workstation.

Remove “VX Ford VCMII” from library, and close the interface.

  1. reset date and time on on VMware

Open “Computer/Local Disk(D:)/VX DIAG Ford”

Select “Organize” for “Folder Options/View” to cancel √ in “Hide explensions for known file types”.

Find out the file (VX Ford VCMII.vmx) that ends with “.vmx” to open with “Notepad”.

Copy the selected part in “computer/ DVD RW Drive (E:) Ford Mazda IDS/VMware-workstation-KEY” to the last of “VX Ford VCMII.vmx-Notepad” and save it.

Open “VMware Workstation” on Desktop.

Click “file” for “Computer/Local Disk (D:)/VX DIAG Ford/VX Ford VCMII.vmx” to open “VX Ford VCMII.vmx” with “VMware Workstation”. Then,right click “VX Ford VCMII.vmx” for “Properties”.

— in “VX Ford VCMII.vmx Properties/Gernal”, click “change” to make it open with “VMware Workstation”. Click “OK”.

Click “Open”.

Power on this virtual machine.

Click “OK”.

You will see the date and time on your VMware is different from that on your computer.

  1. install Calibration

Maximize your VX Ford VCMII.

Click Start menu for “My Computer” to right click it for “Show on Desktop”.

Open “My Computer” for “eject” “Ford Mazda IDS (D:)”.

Insert V81 DVD.

Close “VCM DVD”.

Open “Ford Mazda IDS (D:)/VCM DVD” for “Calibrations”.

Click ‘”Next” to in install Shield Wizard.

Click “Next”.

Click “Install” to begin installation.

Installing… (50 min)

Click “Finish” to successfully install Calibration.

Exit VCM DVD. And close other interface.

  1. install ids-v91.01_full

Open “Ford Mazda IDS (D:)/VCM DVD” for “Calibrations”.

Insert V96 DVD.

Open “Ford Mazda IDS (D:)/ids-v91.01_full”.

Choose the setup language.

Select “Yes” to proceed.

Click “Next” to install ISD.

Click “I accept….” and “Next” to go on.

Click “Next”.

Click “Install” to begin installation.

Installing… (45 min)

An icon of “IDS” appeared on Desktop.


Updating database…


Successfully install IDS, and click “Reboot” to restart your computer.

Click “OK”.

Click “OK” on Removable Devices.

ids-v91.01_full has been installed.

  1. check if IDS-91.01 is successfully installed or not

Open “IDS” on Desktop.

Select “dealer type” and “country” and click the tick button to continue.

Click “Continue” on IDS Software-Computer Date Synchronization.

(note: “a non-renewable Evaluation License has been installed on your computer which will expire 3 days”; if you do not get the message, it means the instllation fails, then do not continue.)

Click “Continue”.

Click the tick button to exit IDS-91.01.

  1. install Ford-IDS-V96.01-full.

Open “My Computer/ Ford Mazda IDS (D:)/Ford-IDS-V96.01-full.”

Select “Yes” to proceed.

Click “Next” to continue to update the installed version (90.01) of IDS to version 96.01.

Installing… (30 min)


Click “Close” to install successfully.


Updating database…


IDS has been updated to version 96.01. Click “Reboot” to restart your computer.

You will be told that “Your computer may be at risk” after restarting. It is normal.

Open IDS on Desktop.

Click the tick button to exit IDS-96.01.

  1. install VCMII Driver

Open “My Computer/ Ford Mazda IDS (D:)/ VCMII Driver”.

Click “Next” to install VCMII Driver

Click “Next” in Information page.


Click “Finish” for installation of VCMII PLUS.

Click “OK” for Removable Device.

  1. Install the software for USB Serial Converter

Connect the device to the vehicle and then install the driver.

Select “Yes, now and every time I connect a device.” and click “Next”.

Click “Click” with the selection of “Install software automatically”.

The software for USB Serial Converter has installed. Click “Finish”.

  1. Install the software for USB Serial Port

Click “Click” with the selection of “Install software automatically”.

The software for USB Serial Port has installed. Click “Finish”.

Right “My Computer” for “Manage”.

Select “Device Manager” for “Network adapters/Ports(COM&LPT)/USB Serial Port(COM3)”, and “System devices/USB Serial Converter”.

  1. diagnosis with IDS…

Open “IDS” on Desktop.

Establishing communication to PCM…

Select vehicle specification “2011 MY” and click the tick button.

Click “YES” for the vehicle specification.

Click the tick button.

Module programming

Self test


Exit IDS-96.01.


Hope you succeed.

More information about VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda 2 in 1 with IDS, please go to

Original Autoboss V30 for $498 authorized to

Original Autoboss V30 is authorized to obd2tool and sales only 498USD + shipping, available at:

In the following parts, I list all of Autoboss V30 detailed information, hope it helps.

Autoboss 30 package content:

All necessary cables and adapters included

One universal connector for most vehicles, including all CAN vehicles


v-30 Auto scanner Feature:

1) Quick test function to the complete vehicle

2) Cover more than 57 makes, 40,000 vehicle system

3) More than just reading & clearing fault codes – go far beyond and access the Complete vehicle, including: drive me, chassis, body, and the networking/communication modules.

4) Live data and graphing, performs actuations and adaptations

5) Key programming, electronic parking brake, service light reset and much more

6) Cutting adge operation system: Windows CE.

7) European & Asian vehicles with dealer-level power

Autoboss V30 diagnostic coverage:

With V30, you can keep your work in house with coverage of over 57 vehicle makes and more than 40,000 systems.


Autoboss V30 System Coverage


Autoboss V30 user-friendly menu


Autoboss V30 basic diagnostic Function:

Autoboss V30 quick test


V30 data stream wave form


V30 live data


V30 read out fault codes


V30 service light reset


V30 key & remote programming


Autoboss V30 more functions and features:

1) Read & change ECU codeing

2) Coding of the new control modules

3) Internet update function

4) Testing repor saving function

5) Optional add on mini printer

8) PC-Link operation is available

9) Multi-lanauge for internetional market

10) Simple and direct interface gets right to the problem – quickly and efficiently.

11) Easy to use VGA colour touch screen.

Autoboss V30 PC/laptop connection

More autoboss V30 Update files as follows:

VVDI PROG Programmer V1.1 user guide


VVDI Prog programmer is the upgrade version of VVDI, to help more people know this tool, the poster write this post, this post consist of main unit picture, pcb board pictures, update history, main features, parts list, adapter description, supported chip list, etc.

VVDI PROG Programmer V1.1 main unit



connection line2-02

VVDI PROG Programmer V1.1 PCB board




Update History

Version Update Date Details
1.0 2015-03-18 Initial Version
1.1 2015-07-27 Add the read & write function for BMW engineAdd pin code calculator for multi-brand vehicle models.
  1. VVDI Prog Brief Introduction

1.1 Main Feature

  • The built-in update software allows user to update VVDIProg firmware timely.
  • High-speed USB communication interface enable the software automatically connect.
  • Smart operation mode: the possible causes of error will be listed
  • Reserve ports: for future update.
  • The self-test function enable you check if the machine works well.
  • Can supply power via USB cable, the software will automatically prompt if the external USB power supply is needed.

vvdi pro-software-03

1.2 Parts List

Parts Number Remark
Programmer multiplexer 1
Square USB cable 1
SOP16 test socket 1
16pin converter 1 Support SOP/SOT/SSOP
MCU reflash cable 1
ECU reflash cable 1
MC9S12 reflash cable 1 Used to program MC9S12 series chip
12V3A power adapter 1 High quality power supply


1.3 Adapters Detailed Description

1.3.1 16pin locking socket

Read the common EEPROOM, note: please insert the chip by following the below picture.


1.3.2 MCU Reflash cable

Used to program MCU on board

MCU reflash cable

1.3.3 ECU Reflash cable

Used to program ECU

ecu reflash cable

1.3.4  MC9S12 Reflash cable

Used to program MC9S12 series chip


  1. Supported chip list


Manufactures Types Support Remark
XL[S]93CX6 R
24[L]CXX R
93[L]CX6 R
93AAX6 R
S-93CX6 R
ST D80/D160 R Can erase the first 32 bytes
M35080 R Can erase the first 32 bytes

Note: R means the type is supported, £ means the type will be supported in the future

2.2 MCU

Manufactures Types  Support Remark
MOTOROLA MC9S12XEP R Can automatically determine D-FLASH/EEE space
MC9S12HY £
MC9S12HA £
MC9S12HZ £
MC9S12B £
MC9S12GC £
MC9S12XS £
MC9S12K £
MC9S12Q £
MC9S12C £
MC9S12P £
MC9HC(9)08 £
NEC uPD70F £
ST TMS370 £

Note: R means the type is supported £ means the type will be supported in the future.

2.3 ECU

Manufactures Types Support Remark
VAG MED17.1-TC1796 £
MED17.11-TC1796 £
VAG MEG17.5-TC1766 £
VAG MED17.5.1-TC1796 £
VAG MED17.5.2-TC1767 £
 VAG MED17.5.5-TC1766 £
VAG MED17.5.20-TC1766 £
VAG EDC17 CP14/CP20-TC1796 £
VAG EDC17 CP04-TC1796 £
VAG EDC17 C46-TC1767 £
VAG EDC17 CP24-TC1796 £
VAG EDC17 CP44-TC1797 £
VAG EDC17 U01-TC1766 £
VAG EDC17 U05-TC1796 £
VAG/Porsche Siemens Continental SDI 3-TC1796 £
BMW MEVD172(N55) R
MEVD172P(N20) R
MEVD172G(N55) R
MEVD172S(N55) R
MEVD1724(N20) R
MEVD1725(N13) R
MEVD1726(N55) R
MEVD1729(N20) R
MEVD1728(N63/S63) R

Note: R means the type is supported £ means the type will be supported in the future.

Autoboss V30 Elite super scanner: What do and not do

SPX Autoboss V30/E30 Elite OBD2 scan tool raises a heat discussion in recent days, following are basic facts/reviews gathered from Technician, Mechanic, repairing businessman, DIYer etc, which will lead you a better understanding towards the autoboss v30 scanner.

Autoboss V30 Elite super scanner: What do
1) The Windows CE format is relatively fast and easy to navigate.
2) No need to install software and no computer issue
3) It does not have a battery. This is a huge advantage for people who are used to using a scanner with a battery pack
4) The scanner has updates released frequently, update is quick and easy
5) This is the original SPX device and not a clone. The accessories are excellent, rugged and come in the brand-new updated storage case (not the previous storage case used).

AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanner

6) The scanner has definitely paid for itself with European vehicles and Asia vehicle models. It covers a lot of cars, strong import and European.
7) The Hyundai coverage is great as, it is able to diagnose an EVAP unit on a 2001 Accent.
8) The unit is compatible with a learning and comparison mode. The AUTOBOSS V30 Elite scan tool can learn the data of a perfectly working vehicle for later references in diagnostics. The comparison mode takes the current data of the similar vehicle and compares it to the learnt data.
9) This V30 scanner can really deliver 85-90% of what a dealership scanner does.
10) This is a very good diagnostic system, take the time to learn about all of its functions and you should be more than satisfied. Work great in programming and functional testing.
11) V30 Elite is a good global scan tool for auto repair men who live abroad.
12) This is the affordable scan tool that comes with built-in mini printer, allowing print out the DTC information, diagnostic results, data stream etc. It is very helpful.

Autoboss V30 Elite super scanner: What not do
1) AutoBoss V30 scanner does not perform all functions for all makes (no scan tool will do)
2) It has minimal coverage for Mazda and Subaru (no bi-directional controls) but did allow code retrieval/data for different systems.
3) Less vehicle model coverage in U.S market
4) One of its downside is that it does not provide a bigger image of a waveform.
5) Software will expire to use if you do not renew the software subscription via autoboss v30 Security card
6) Has a lot of diagnostic options on Infiniti G20, but did not have throttle and idle special functions.

In conclusion:
No OBDⅡtool is perfect, but this AUTOBOSS V30 tool is Boss.

How to renew with AVDI Commander Mercedes-Benz

Questions before entering:

I have told that the AVDI Mercedes could renew ? Want to buy AVDI Mercedes / Smart / Maybach, where to and how to do it? Or do I need to go for a Star diagnosis tool instead?


Yes, AVDI Mercedes works. Star tool is not required. Where and how, check instruction below:

The following part displays the detail instructions on renewing Mercedes-Benz 7-Gear control units (722.9) with 2015 AVDI commander.

The 7-Gear control units (722.9) may be renewed either in or out of a car. In order to renew a specific 7-Gear control unit out of the car it is necessary only to connect the CAN pins of the 7- Gear unit, as well as the GND and +12V pins. The wiring of the 7-Gear units is the following:

Pin1: CAN-H

Pin2: CAN-L

Pin4: +12V

Pin5: GND

1.Select vehicle chassis, model and engine

2.Select Electronic Transmission Control unit from unit list


3.The Mercedes Commander will show the identification of the control unit.


4.Click on “Adaptation” button will show the available adaptations including the SCN coding string. You may save the SCN coding string from a damaged control unit and then you can save this saved SCN coding in the donor 722.9 control unit:


5.Click on “Make Virgin”, the system will display warning message, click “OK” to continue.


Follow these steps:

1) Connect a battery charger to the battery of the car.

2) Plug the diagnostic connector and make sure it is correctly seated in the diagnostic socket.

If you are using a laptop – connect it to constant power supply. It is also recommended to stop any screensavers, antivirus and other programs, which may affect the performance of the system.

6.The first time that you use this function, the software will ask you for the location of the database files for 7-Gear renew. Please browse to the folder where you have extracted these files and select it.


7.A progress bar will appear showing you the time and the completed percentage. Pleasewait until the procedure is complete.


8. When the procedure is complete you may check the “Actual Values” and verify that the Electronic Transmission Control unit reports that it is renewed.

9. Now, you should put the 722.9 unit in the car in which you wish to adapt it and once again connect to it and press the button “Adaptations”. Press the button “Get Coding”. Then for the option “Detach the transport protection, personalize and activate the control unit” select “Yes” and press the button “Set Coding”. Go back and check the actual values. If everything is OK the 7G unit should report that now it is personalized and you should be able to see the hashes of the keys.

10. If you have the old control unit available you may read the SCN coding and then write this SCN coding in the donot control unit.

How to Add Tokens for Key Pro M8

Key Pro M8 most powerful Car Key Programmer and Locksmith Diagnostic tool come with 800 tokens with the machine. Not all car models key programming need tokens, if your car needs token, the screen will promt you how many tokens are needed.

key pro m8

key pro m8

After 800 tokens are used up, you need charge your device with new token. You can choose how many tokens need:

250 Tokens for The Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer

100 Tokens for The Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer

Here is Key Pro M8 Update Tokens Manual

  1.  Send us the M8 serial number, within 24 hours, we will notify you when you can update token.
  2. connect your computer to network, and then use the USB cable to connect the M8 and the computer.
  3. Plug the power supply cable into the M8, and then turn on M8 till the following window appears.
  4. The window “Found New Hardware Wizard” popup, tick off “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”, and then click “Next”.
  5. tick off “Search for the best driver in these locations” and “Include this location in the search”, and then click “Browse” to choose the installation location.
  6. After click “Browse”, choose the driver location: browse for Folder-Desktop-The key pro (M8) driver-OK.
  7. click “Continue Anyway”.
  8. please wait while the wizard installs the software…
  9. click “Finish” and the wizard complete installing the software for the key Pro M8.
  10. stay in the following window even some change happens during the process.
  11. click “M8 Tool.exe” to show as below, “Serial Number” will be automatically indentified, input M8 6-digit password and click “Login”.
  12. in the drop-down list of “select TOKEN quantity” choose the TOKEN quantify you bought from the dealer, double click “Update TOKEN”.
  13. a window popup reading “Update TOKEN finish!”
  14. wait until you see the Current TOKEN number already includes that you bought, and click “Finish”.

You can Download and Save the Key Pro M8 Auto Key Programmer Tokens Update Manual.PDF


The VAS 5054A ODIS V2.0 Bluetooth

As for me , VAS 5054A ODIS V2.0 Bluetooth is usually used all part of time so that you can deal with many problems . The VAS 5054A ODIS V2.0 Bluetooth has highest performance and advanced technology , which many people can’t stop to like . There are some reason is listed why this tool could be .

On the one hand , the VAS 5054A ODIS V2.0 Bluetooth with ODIS system Core advantage , which realize higher quality and lower cost on repair through high- efficiently diagnostic process . The language of the VAS 5054A tool has English , Japanese , Portuguese , Romanian , Korean , Dutch, Polish , Spanish , French , Italian, Croatian, Danish , German , Swedish , Finnish , Slovenian , Czech , Russian, Greek , Chinese and so on . And the VAS 5054A tool support the car models of VW, AUDI , SKODA , SEAT and Lamborghini . Beside , the VAS 5054A tool is a universal diagnostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group and all OBD vehicle systems from other manufacturers . The integrated Bluetooth interface connects the vehicle with a notebook , desktop PC or test system . The range of the wireless Bluetooth connection is 2 to 5 meters,depending on the environment and the type of Bluetooth adapter used on the PC side .

After a connection to the VAS 5054A has been set up, the Bluetooth software provides a virtual serial COM port . The Diagnostic Base System uses this COM port to communicate with the VAS 5054A tool . You need to specify this port when you install the diagnostic application .

On the other hand , The vehicle protocols are handled directly in the VAS 5054A .This ensures fast response times and a reliable real-time behavior independently of the PC operating system. Every time a connection is established , the VAS 5054A software is identified with the version installed on the application PC . The VAS 5054A thus automatically adopts any new features provided after a new software version has been installed on the application PC . It’s connecting the VAS 5054A to the application PC by using the supplied USB cable. The VAS 5054A through Plug and Play, and automatically installs the drivers copied . Setup of the VAS 5054A is then complete and the device is ready for use by the diagnostic application.

All in all , the VAS 5054A tool has more features and functions so that always can help you all part of time . It’s deserved to purchase .