Autoboss Tools generate or even examine as well as galletto had been often expressing error ecu wakeup

My partner and i successfully examine by way of shoe mode this particular ecu.. not a problem move electric power furnish at galletto.. attempt to examine while information show up go out move connect dull cable television to help flag twenty-eight, electric power at furnish as well as eliminate dull cable television as well as click OK or even next.. and it will probably examine not a problem possibly ough have difficulty together with Fgtech galletto, attempt to examine it by way of standard modem wire ecu while revealed at photograph, find ecu coming from checklist as well as try out ecu files in the event that Auto Scanner Tools works, shoe mode ought to far too..

standard mode: My partner and i supposed it is best to try out examine it at along with connect just about all cable connections while revealed with Fgtech galletto guidance nevertheless never connect shoe wire as well as with galletto find with palate commonly renault-> thalia or even My partner and i don’t know what one you’ve got, ECU need to be proper really don’t look at model of your car as well as attempt to ECU identification it will need to work.. On your own difference is with shoe mode galletto examine 256kb of pen as well as by way of standard mode just 32kb.

concerning china Fgtech galletto nevertheless My partner and i evolved a variety of parts interior to help entirely work simply because Concerning difficulty together with Kline examine.. As well as Concerning difficulty together with ECU Siemens sirius32and My partner and i in connector coming from galletto that particular wire -yellow- which can be regarding L – range had been desoldered thus My partner and i fixed it and it works as well as My partner and i try out it at along with, it examine ECU ok thus and then My partner and i attempt to shoe mode and it works.

Transform 270 OHM resistor TO HELP 2700 OHM resistor
transform 470 OHM resistor TO HELP 4700 OHM resistor
as well as transform circuit coming from HEF40106BT TO HELP HCF40106

while My partner and i had written Concerning difficulty together with Kline. canbus, bdm toiled adequately nevertheless k range doesn’t work thus my partner and i taken this particular maintenance answer and after this it works!

Someone expected will need to he or she leading to a data text coming from HEF40106BT TO HELP HCF40106? or maybe HCF40106 soldering and it’s also completely ready?

The answer is usually very little. their just EX SCHMITT TRIGGER Inverters, their just circuit, very little files interior. everyone invest in this particular parts regarding little income.. just desolder previous as well as solder brand new compoments and it will need to work try out it.

Just before maintenance, my partner and i features kline difficulty that we tried ecu identification, Autoboss Tools generate or even examine as well as galletto had been often expressing error ecu wakeup as well as following my partner and i evolved this particular features it works fine.

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