Micropod 2 Clone on Chrysler WK & DS 2015

Reasons for the purchase:

All of the dealers in my area don’t seem to know what they are doing. No problem with either of my vehicles is solved on the first visit and I normally have to guide the dealer mechanics to find issues.

They are very nice but I honestly don’t have the time to teach them how to fix my vehicles. That’s why I wanna purchase a Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2 interface but it is hard to justify the cost of the oem version for just my 2 Chrysler vehicles.

Purchase a Micropod clone with things like flash programming, general diagnostics, obd mode 8 stuff like abs bleeding

I wouldn’t mind spending the $500 if the clone tool works, I just don’t want to be the guinea pig

Order and delivery:
I just ordered one Micropod clone off obd2tool.com
The kit is shipped directly from China and arrived for a few days.

The firmware that mine came with was v2.4.1.

I have a 2015 WK 3.6L (wife) and a 2015 DS 5.7L (me).

Micropod clone vs OEM:
The Micropod clone itself appears to be reasonably high quality but there are obvious differences from the OEM version: no lanyard, no wi-fi, no metal clip on the OBD 2 connector, etc.

Micropod clone problem:
The problem with the clones is that you can only use them with the old versions of the software that weren’t online, and they only go up to around 12MY or so. You also can’t do any sales code configuration or the like without a DealerCONNECT account.

wiTECH software installation:
I followed the directions that came with the kit (albeit in somewhat fractured English) and upon starting the wiTECH software, I got a “device with serial number XXX-XXXXX is not registered” error message.

The company that sold it to me said the copy of wiTECH was destroyed somehow and that I needed to buy a “wiTECH hdd” from them for a small additional fee. Not entirely sure what that would be but I worked around the problem before I got their reply. Long story short, I am a computer guy so I spent a couple of hours messing around with the software and the computer it was installed on and was able to get around the issue.

Micropod II + wiTECH tests:
I connected it to my 2015 DS and my wife’s 2015 WK with no issues. I disabled the side view mirror tilt in reverse on her WK (only thing she didn’t like about it) and she was thrilled. There are functions to bleed ABS, program tire sizes, etc. There are literally hundreds of sensor readings, dozens of tests, actuators and misc functions that you can perform that seem to be very vehicle specific – which you would expect. Every switch/gadget in the vehicle seems to have a corresponding sensor reading of some kind in the software. The only odd behavior I saw was when I connected to the ABS computer of my DS… the EVIC freaked out and started screaming to service the ABS. Maybe that is a safety feature of some kind so folks don’t go driving while messing with the ABS computer? Powering the vehicle off and on again made the ABS warning go away. I could not find any “PROXI alignment” functions – maybe they don’t apply to my vehicles?

I did not try flashing anything as I don’t have a good enough reason to sign up for a time-limited TechAuthority subscription at the moment but next time I do, I’ll give it a shot. At the very least, it will be nice to be able to go to the dealer next time and tell THEM which modules need updating (wiTECH lets you print an ECU report) because whatever point-of-sale software the advisors use doesn’t always tell them when an update is available. For example, my PCM is on an AE revision but TechAuthority said that AF is available (and has been since before my last dealer visit)

Your mileage may vary but this was $200 well spent in my eyes.


Suggestion & more research:

I’ve done a considerable amount of research on this software and it appears that as of the 17.04.27 P4 patch level, the wiTECH 1.0 system has been EOL’ed for all CAN bus vehicles – forcing you to use the 100% web-based wiTECH 2.0.

If you decide to move forward with the Micropod clone, you will need to block the P4 update (or find a way to block the “diagnostic.js” file that does the check) or the software will kick you out seconds after opening the vehicle topography.

Once the update is blocked, it works fine – confirmed up to the 2015 MY.

New “Network Check” feature in wiTECH Diagnostic Application


Starting from version 14.02.56, a new feature called “Network Check” has been implemented in wiTECH. This feature can be accessed by selecting Help → Network Check option as depicted in the screenshot below:


Upon selecting the “Network Check” option, the “Network Check” utility window will appear as shown in the screenshot below:


This new feature will enable the user to check whether the PC in which the wiTECH Diagnostic Application runs, has been able to connect to the required web-sites for

*   Automatic software updates.
*   Receive software updates in a silent mode.
*   Diagnostic Tools registration.
*   Data recordings and various reports upload.
*   Smooth functioning of wiTECH Diagnostic Application.

To run the “Network Check” utility, please click on the “Start Network Check” button as shown in the screenshot below:

Network Check will test the following sites to confirm they are available from your network.


If any of the web-sites listed above in the screenshot is not available, you may experience issues with the wiTECH application functions/features listed above.

The “Network Check” feature is also available from witech2 “Standalone Mode” by accessing Help → Network Check option.

If you are not getting an automated wiTECH Diagnostic Application update prompt or receiving a device registration warning despite your device is registered, you can run the “Network Check” utility to confirm you have access to the required web-sites/domains.

NOTE: All wiTECH users should have network access to Obd2tool.com and all of its sub-domains as trusted sites.

How to Update the wiADVISOR microPod


In order to ensure the Micropod II is working properly, it will be necessary to update it based on the latest software releases provided by Chrysler. If your microPod is at version 0.4.2, it will not communicate with wiADVISOR. You must perform an update to version 1.2.2 using the USB cable that came with the microPod (see below).


To update your microPod using the USB cable:
1. Connect the large end of the USB cable to a computer that has the wiTECH Diagnostic
Application already installed – Typically this is a computer in the shop.


2. Connect the small end of the USB cable to the microPod as shown below:


3. Once the microPod is connected via USB, a green light will come on. Open your Internet browser and type the IP address in the address bar at the top of your browser and hit Enter on your keyboard. The microPod interface will come up as shown


a. If the System Release shows any version besides 1.2.2 (red box on image above), then your microPod should update to the most current version if the wireless connection on the microPod is properly configured.
b. If the System Release version shows 0.4.2, the wireless connection on the microPod must be configured in order for the microPod to update. Please contact the wiADVISOR Team at 1-855-wiADVISOR for assistance with this process.
Once wireless is configured, simply wait until the light on the engine diagnostic tool microPod will begin to flash with slow bursts of red indicating that the microPod has started the update process. You will not be able to access the microPod during the update and will have to wait 4-6 minutes before it finishes. The flashing red light will return to green once the update is complete.

4. NEXT: Click on ‘Software Config’ (left side):


a. If the wiADVISOR version is 1.1.6, this needs an update. See below:


b. To update the App Version to 1.1.9, simply leave the microPod plugged into the PC. Pod will update itself. Refresh the screen until the version shows 1.1.9.

5. Now that your microPod System Release shows version 1.2.2, and the software shows an App version of 1.1.9, your microPod is now up-to-date.

Determining the Status of your microPod:
If you are not sure if your microPod requires an update, follow the below steps to confirm this. To view the current status of your microPod, you must be logged into the wiADVISOR application and have selected “Vehicle Queue” in the interface. When a microPod is powered up, the software status will be displayed along with connected vehicle information.

1. microPod Status Types – There are three types of update statuses av ailable for the microPod:

a. Up-to-date – This status indicates that your microPod is up-to-date and no further action is required at this time. If the software is up-to-date, no status information will
be displayed. Otherwise one of the following two scenarios will be shown.

b. Update Available – This status indicates that there is an update available for your microPod. It is highly recommended that you update your microPod at your earliest convenience. You may continue to use the microPod without updating it when this status appears.


c. Update Required – This status indicates that an update is required on the microPod in order to continue using it.


2. To update the software, disconnect the microPod from the vehicle and connect it to your computer using the USB cable (computer must have the OBD-II scan tool wiTECH Diagnostic Application installed).

3. Since your microPod is updated to the 1.2.2 System Release; once booted and no vehicle power is detected, the microPod will automatically begin the update process. Depending on what software is being updated, the process can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. During this time the LED lights will blink red and off. Monitor the Vehicle Queue to determine if the update has completed.
Disconnecting the USB cable prior to update completion may leave the microPod in an irrecoverable failure state.
After powering up with the USB cable, the screen will warn you that the update is starting and you must not unplug the device until the update is complete (see below).


4. When the update is completed, the text in the Vehicle Queue will change indicating that microPod is up-to-date. At this time, it is safe to disconnect the USB ca ble and re-connect to a vehicle.

Troubleshooting Tips:
If you find that you are having issues with updating your wiADVISOR microPod there are few resolutions you can try.
1. Make sure you have wiTECH installed on the computer. (The microPod needs the wiTECH drivers in order to connect to the PC)
2. Try a different USB to mini USB cable.
3. Unplug the cable from the PC and try a different USB port.
4. Try a different PC; make sure you are in range of the wiADVISOR Access Point.