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How to Solve Mini ACDP Detect CAS as Abnormal When Adding New Keys

Customer problem: I use Mini ACDP to add new key to my BMW car. But the system prompts that the CAS is not normal. I follow the solution suggested to do IMMO. It asks me to put the new key into the steering wheel coil, and press Start button, no

How to Reset BMW F series 6HP EGS with Yanhua Mini ACDP

Yanhua Mini ACDP and module 11 adds BMW F series 6HP EGS reset function. How to Reset BMW F series 6HP EGS with Yanhua Mini ACDP? Step 1. Prepare ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter, EGS interface board and EGS module. Step 2. Connect the 6HP end of the EGS interface board to the

How to install Yanhua Mini ACDP new 8p clamp (longer clip)

Yanhua Mini ACDP package updated one new 8p clamp for free since May, 2019.  With this long clip, the user is easy to observe and prevents the embedded chip from shaking. Also it adds one finger handle which is easy to hold and keep balance. Attach several images of new 8p