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How to fix Super MB Star C3 “Error 23 H1.First Install.exe” Issue

Dear Cathy: I recently got a Super MB Star C3 from OBD2TOOL for my Mercedes 2009. I got the Mb Star C3 device two days ago, tried installing it on the same day, but got an error message, reading “Error 23, while reading from H:\1.First Install.exe”, as shown below, during the installation.

MB Star C3 2015.12V simdas.exe needs to close solution

One of Obd2tool.com customer had the “simdas.exe needs to close” and WIS error when running Mercedes Benz Star diagnosis C3 red multiplexer 2015.12V Dell format DAS. Problem: I had the these errors when i run MB Star diagnosis DAS: 1) simdas.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are

Mercedes Benz Star C3C4C5 Buying Guide

Mercedes benz star scanner is a very popular auto scanner in the market. However,Many customer are confused to choose when they want to buy one, because there is four version of mb star:Mercedes Benz Star diagnosis C3, benz star c4, MB star Compact C4 and super Mercedes BENZ C5. So now,i

Chinese MB STAR scanners

I thought I would start a new thread on the Chinese Mb Star C3 systems, since there doesn’t seem talk on this subject thus far. Since you’re reading this thread then I’m guessing you were like me and are searching for information on these Chinese MB Star systems. I’m sure you’ve found

MB Star C3 Mercedes Star Diagnostic Tool Review

Mercedes Star Diagnostic Tool Benz Star C3 Experience Mb Star C3 Mercedes Star Diagnostic Tool work for Benz car & trucks till 2014.12. Compare SD C4 SDConnect Multiplexer, the client prefers to use Benz Star C3 work for old models. Below obd2tool.com share client Mercedes Star Diagnostic Tool Benz Star C3


Q:  What is Super MB Star USB KEY used for? A: For Security USB Encryption. Q:What is the difference between Super MB Star and MB Star C3? A:Now the MB Star C3 has newest software, they basically have the same function, and mb star c3 now has the version which