LAUNCH Creader CRP129 Premium Diagnostic Tool Reset Battery Change Brake Oil SAS

The Code Reader Professional. Premium Edition (CRP129 Premium) is the most up-to-date vehicle fault diagnosis tool in Launch’s line of handheld diagnostic tools. Don’t let its size mislead you; the Launch CRP129 Premium is a state-of-the-art tool and with innovative new designs in both its hardware and software it is one of the most reliable and accessible diagnosis tools on the market today.

Works with all vehicles compliant with EOBD/OBDII (petrol vehicles from 2001 and diesels from 2004).

Based on the CReader Pro CRP123 the Pro CRP129 Premium is a marked improvement of its predecessor, as well as being the world’s first DIY diagnosis product with fully integrated OBDII, Car Model Diagnosis and Engine Oil Lamp Reset.

It has a myriad of functions which extend beyond its OBDII/EOBD compatibility which has been achieved by amalgamating the typical diagnostic abilities of the X-431 series; essentially making it a combination of the CRP123 and the CResetter II. This allows for the simplification of car maintenance and services whilst also enhancing the reliability of the findings.

Most features from the previous generation have been carried forward and are now included as standard. This includes the personalised function menu, LED diagnostic status indicators and multi-language selections; as well as an easy to read, full-colour screen which can display multiple graphs of data simultaneously & effortlessly.

It also has the ability to record, retain and playback hours of diagnostic data, allowing you to re-examine the date you have collected at a later stage as well as compare the correlated information of multiple instances.

Unique to the CRP 129P is its utilisation of Launch’s newly developed DPU Platform, which allows us to adopt our own specially designed DP431 & JV700 chips. By being able to use our own tailor-made hardware in the CRP129 Premium, we have been able to maximise its efficiency as well as introduce remarkable improvements on the abilities of its precursors.

The I/M readiness test shows whether the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly and are ready for Inspection and maintenance testing.
30-1 30-2 30-3 30-4 30-5

Functions of the CRP129 Premium include:

MIL Indicator
Multiple car models (Over 40 prevalent models from Asia, America & Europe)
Record, save and playback up to 8 hours of live data
I/M readiness test
Enhanced data stream for ABS, SRS, transmission & engine.
Malfunction lamp status
Read vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)
O2 (Lambda) sensor test
Auto-vehicle ID, Auto Module Search & ultra-fast protocol ID
EVAP system test
View live diagnostic data in graph or data format
View multiple data streams at the same time
View freeze frame data
Read current, pending and permanent DTC’s
Clear DTC’s
Support DTCs help, data stream wave display,
Internet updateable
Enhanced help function
Print data via PC
Brake Reset (EPB)
Oil Lamp Reset
Steering Angle Reset


4” TFT LCD True Colour Screen
Input voltage range 9-18V
Standard 16 Pin OBD interface
Connection: Standard 16PIN OBD Diagnostic Interface
Working Temp: -0°C ~ 50 °C
Storage Temp: -20 °C ~ 70 °C
Dimensions: 7.7” x 4.17” x 1.25” (L x W x H)
Language options: English, Spanish, French.
Weight: <400g

The OBD2 Scanner CRP 129 Premium is both flexible and practical, making it a must have diagnosis tool for any and all car enthusiasts

This product comes with a access to valuable software updates which are released by Launch over the internet.

Unlike the vast majority of other sellers who will only offer a one year warranty, Launch UK are offering an exclusive two year UK warranty on this unit.

LAUNCH CRP129 Premium CReader Professional 129P OBD2 Code Reader Scanner


CRP123 Premium-5-2
Language options:ENGLISH, German, French, Italian, Spanish & Russian


The CRP129 Premium accesses Engine, Transmission, ABS and Airbag (SRS) systems. It features an intuitive interface and supports the latest OBD II test modes 1-10. Graph, record, and playback crucial data to more efficiently diagnose drive-ability issues.

The CRP 129P has the capabilities of the CRP 123P, plus more features such as reset capabilities for Steering Angle Reset, Oil Maintenance Reset and Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) and a Battery Reset.


1.Performs Oil service light resets, Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) release, and Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) resets and Battery Reset
2.Enhanced Manufacturer Specific DTCs for Domestic, Asian and European Coverage
3.Reads and Records enhanced Data Streams for ABS, SRS, Transmission and Engine
4.Auto Vehicle ID, Auto Module Search & Fast Protocol ID
5.Reads and clears codes on Engine, Transmission (A/T), ABS, and Airbag (SRS) systems – on all makes and all models (16 Pin)
6.Support for all 10 test modes of OBD II with Enhanced OBD II Mode 6
7.Retrieves generic and manufacturer specific codes current, permanent and pending
8.View freeze frame data and I/M Readiness monitor status
9.Graph, record, and replay data in full color
10.Menu with DTC definitions in English, Spanish & French
11.Free Internet updates (USB 2.0)
12.Intuitive Interface and Button Operation with Sleek, Rugged Design 4.0” TFT full color display

Supported Brands

Alfa Romeo
Ford (EU & AUS)




Do your inspection itself?

Then, the CRP 129 Premium is the ideal tool for you. It can, for example, Open the Electronic Parking Brake and and close, it put the oil lamp
(Service indicator) back, or Calibrated e.g. Your steering angle sensor.

Even the Austasch the starter battery is there no longer a problem. Since the CRP can perform 129 Premium from also the activation, or encoding function.

the following vehicle brands are supported:

Alfa Romeo,Acura,Audi,BMW,Chrysler,Fiat,Ford (Aust. & US),GM,Holden,Honda,Hyundai,Infiniti,Isuzu,Jaguar,Kia,Land Rover
Lexus,Mazda,Mercedes Benz,Mitsubishi,Nissan,Opel,Porsche,Saab,seat,Scion Toyota,Skoda,Smart,Sprinter,Subaru,

all other manufacturers are supported in OBD2 compliant section (Engine & Transmission)

Your vehicle brand is not listed, or you find another diagnostic system?
Please contact us, we will advise you before buying.

The LAUNCH Creader CRP129 Premium can live data during operation read. The live display of sensor data is switchable, so that all relevant data are presented in various displays such as e.g .:

1.the temperature of the aspirated air
2.MAF / airflow
3.engine speed
4.vehicle speed
5.Position O2 sensor
6.Coolant temperature
7.Slow correction
8.Fast correction ……..

Depending on the vehicle used for other live data provided.

Advantages Convincing:

1.Can be used in vehicles from BJ 1996
2.Easy to read color display
3.Reads all error codes (general and manufacturer specific codes)
4.Deletes all codes in the control unit
5.Live Data Function
6.EPB parking brake function
7.configuration of the battery (Batterieanlernfunktion)
8.Service reset function
9.Easy to use six buttons
10.Standalone device, no batteries or laptop needed
11.updateable via Internet

Technical specifications

size ~ 196 x 106 x 32 mm
Cable length ~ 800 mm
Display: LCD color 4 “backlit
Voltage range: 12Vdc, directly through the OBD interface
Connector type: Standardized 16 pol. OBD connector
Housing: plastic
Housing color: red / black
Support OBD II communication protocols: J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO9141-2, ISO14230-4, ISO 15765 (CAN)

Packing List:

1x OBD diagnostic device model Creader Professional 129 Premium
1x 16 p

CRP123 Premium-5-1

Original Launch CRP123 Launch CReader Professional CRP123 Global Version Update Online

Launch CReader Professional 123

Language: English, French, Spanish

Attention:  There is password letter on the pacakge, you can register it online, and use this passowrd to download the software online.

Launch CReader Professional 123 main functions do not only include OBD / EOBD standard protocol diagnosis, but also cover professional diagnostic software for multiple models which can perform comprehensive diagnosis on four main ECU’s (ENG\ABS\SRS\AT) of vehicle.

Launch Creader 123 Feature:

OBD full diagnostic functions
Multiple models (covers ten main stream models in Asia, America, etc.)
Four basic systems(ENG-TCM-ABS-SRS)
Basic diagnostic functions, including reading DTCs, clearing DTCs and reading data streams
Rubber buttons/3.5″ 320*480 lattice high-definition color LCD screen/ Large-capacity memory of 1G TF Card
Supports DLC location hints/ DTC help/ Data stream display in waveform/ Historical data record and playback
Supports multiple languages/ Buzzer alarm/ Clock and calendar/ Fast upgrading

Launch Creader 123 Car Maker:

Audi, Australia Ford, Benz, BMW, Brilliance, Chevrolet, Chevy, Chrysler, Citroen, Dacia, Dadi, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Demo, Fiat, Ford, GM, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jaguar, Kia, Lancia, LandRover, Mahindra, Maruti, Mazda, Mitsubish, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Romeo, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Tata, Toyota, Volvo, VW, Yamaha.

LAUNCH Creader CRP123 Premium Specification:

Screen:3.5”, 320*480 TFT LCD true color display
Input voltage:9-18V
Connection:standard 16 PIN OBD diagnostic interface
Working temperature:0-50°C
Storage ambient temperature:-20 to 70°C

Launch Tech Creader Professional CRP123 Can End Your Search For Best Vehicle Scanner


Launch Tech Creader Professional CRP123 is a transmission and engine code scanner that is designed with high quality standards. It is equipped with the latest “Mode 6” technology that offers many more features than any other current OBD-II scanner.

During my review, I came across some amazing features that are hard to find among any of it’s counterparts. What I loved the most is that they provide excellent after-sales service. I have explained more about all it’s features below.

If you are just a newbie in handling automobile and want a simple code scanner for fun then this product is not for you. It is for serious car owners and/or mechanics only. But don’t just take my word for it, check out reviews from obd2tool.

What I Like About The Launch Tech CRP123 Scanner

1   Compatible with all motor vehicles, especially with vehicles of US, Europe and Asia.
2    The device does not require any additional updates to comply with standardization requirements.
3    Apart from the engine diagnostics, Enhanced data streaming for ABS and SRS diagnostics.
4    Supports all the 10 test modes of OBD2 that makes it compatible with wide range of vehicles.
5    Up gradable software makes it a future proof device.
6    Comes with a supplementary guidebook comprised with entire explanations.
7    An Easy to use navigation.
8    An Easy to carry compact design.

What I Do not Like About The LaunchTech CRP123

1    The price of the product makes it an expensive one as this is not a basic code scanner but a code scanner for professionals.
2    The cable that is shipped with the device might fall short for some vehicles making you to buy an additional cable. It may add to the cost.
3    This might sound awkward but there is not any other con of the product. The product delivers what it says.

icarscan register,activate unsold problems

There is a newest launch icarscan with 8 software. but someone when use it appear don’t let you register and activate it, and  you  put serial number and verification code tells you “unsold”.   the reason is you download a wrong APP. the wrong APP is for old icarscan with 5 software .  so it appear this problems.

here are two solutions can help you .

1. please  scan the QR code at the back of the package, download and install the APP

2. please scan the QR code at the user manual. download and install APP

Launch iCarScan Feateres

Bluetooth Launch X431 ICarScan can make your Android smartphone or tablet into a professional automotive diagnosis tool. Android Launch iCarScan code reader support full systems and full function diagnosis, including reading/ clearing trouble codes.

Launch iCarScan Feateres:
1. Build-in bluetooth, easily connects with Android smartphone and tablet
2. 5 carlines software included, 63 carlines or reset function available;
3. Full systems and complete function diagnosis for the most extensive Coverage of OE-licarevel diagnostics;
4. Reading / clearing trouble codes, data stream, actuation test, adaptation, ECU coding & programming, oil reset, other special function, etc

Advantanges of Bluetooth Launch iCarScan VCI scanner for Android Launch iCarScan code reader:
1. Build-in bluetooth, easily connects with Android smartphone and tablet
2. 5 carlines software included, 63 carlines or reset function available;
3. Full systems and complete function diagnosis for the most extensive Coverage of OE-licarevel diagnostics;
4. Reading / clearing trouble codes, data stream, actuation test, adaptation, ECU coding & programming, oil reset, other special function, etc.
5. Intuitive interface and easy to use than X431 IDiag.

How to register and update WIFI Launch X431 5C/5C PRO

WIFI Launch X431 5C/5C pro, the replacement of Launch X431 V has been carried out for a short time. Following are the installation, register and update instructions of the Launch 5C pro full system automotive diagnostic scanner.

How to install the X431 5C diagnostic connector?
Launch X431 5C Pro install

1) Locate vehicle’s DLC connector. The 16 pin diagnostic connector is generally located on the driver’s side, about 12inches away from the center of the dash board.
2) Plug the 5C diagnostic connector into the OBD-II socket. It is suggested to use OBD-II extension cable to connect the DLC and the connector. If your vehicle is not compatible with 16-pin connector, you need desired connector to communicate.
3) The power indicator of the diagnostic connector will ON when well communication is built.

How to register Launch X431 5C Pro scanner?

Note: Before registering, please charge your X-431 5C diagnostic tool to power on, and set the WIFI wireless connection.

Follow easy 4 steps in the pictures below:
Launch X431 5C Pro Register
Launch X431 5C Pro Register

How to update X431 5C Pro full system software?

After complete register procedure, click “Download” icon to start downloading software.
Launch x431 5c pro update
Make sure that WIFI connection is strong and stable during the downloading procedure.
All vehicle software have been selected by default. To deselect certain software, just uncheck the box next to the software version.
The software packages will be installed automatically once downloading finished.
Please keep synchronized with the latest version for better service and functions.

Launch X431 5C pro ynchronized

LAUNCH X431 Automobile Scanner Analysis Instrument – Diagun III LAUNCH

LAUNCH X431 Diagun III is a brand-new specialized LAUNCH X431 crash code reader diagnostic device developed along with formulated by simply LAUNCH. LAUNCH X431 Diagun III is smart, simple to carry, hassle-free to apply, along with it’s the stantechnicians.

X431 Diagun III + LAUNCH DBS automobile diagnostic connector built-in style, LAUNCH X431 Diagun III help support wire along with bluetooth handheld prognosis. Colouring along with feel screen, the procedure is simple along with convenientdard gear intended for storage.

Launch X431 - X-431 DIAGUN III

LAUNCH X431 Diagun III Characteristics

Strong diagnostic characteristics

Handheld prognosis

Trend along with Built-in style

Much better Electric battery procedure

Simple to be able to comparison along with evaluation

A couple of DataStream waveforms may be shown in a screen

Regular gear intended for technicians

Bluetooth engineering. handheld transmission

Really the only diagnostic device LAUNCH X431 Diagun III which will use a couple of automobile on the similar time(patent put on)

Universal sixteen PIN NUMBER connector, combined characteristics off sixteen PIN NUMBER connectors(patent put on)

one Gary storage device

Fully passed down diagnostic characteristics through X431

Greatly much better plan working pace

Easier software update

LAUNCH X431 Diagun III Function:

Prolonged stand-By time period: LAUNCH X431 Diagun III Are available frequently eight a long time.

Distinctive Visual appeal: Coming protect style, the DBScar connector will be built-in.

Help support offline function: LAUNCH X431 Diagun III Help support regular USB printer manufacturer’s intended for making diagnostic consequence.

Speedy Update: Nearly one, 000 software update a year to ensure the characteristics.

Handheld prognosis: Major device can certainly talk to DBScar connector by simply Bluetooth(<100m).

Strong diagnostic: Passed down along with many prognosis function connected with X-431 along with outrageous software insurance coverage, Asian, American along with U. S.

LAUNCH X431 Diagun III Electronics

CPU — four hundred MHz ARM9

Wide Feel Screen — 480X272, several. three -inch LCD


Electric battery — 3800mAh, 10hrs

Built-in very difficult disk— 8G SSD

LAUNCH X431 Diagun III Upgrading/Printer Interface— USB

handheld transmission Modular — Bluetooth

USB — only two USB Vents (USB only two. 0)

LAUNCH X431 Diagun III Software

Procedure procedure — WINCE a few. 0

Identify — Fully inherits through X431

LAUNCH X431 Diagun III Update — Update on the net

User interface optimisation — entering into prognosis desktop specifically immediately after running on, easy to use

English/Metric Conversion process intended for PID Attitudes

Speedy update — nearly thousands of moments each year

Learn additional the most recent LAUNCH X431 facts it is possible to here.

100% Original LAUNCH Creader VIII Professional Auto OBDII /EOBD Code Reader Scanner -Creader 8

Advantages of Launch Creader VIII:

1.Supported Languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese

2.Creader VIII Can Replace CRP129 Definitely in Functions

3.Support Online Update

  1. Launch Creader VIII User Manual
  2. X431 Creader VIII Register and Update Manual
  3. Special Function: Engine oil light reset, Reset brake block(this function only for BMW now), Correct steering angle sensor(this function only for Landrover now) and so on.

Creader VII+ (CRP123) and Creader VIII (CRP129) Update and Registration Instruction



Step 1: Click icon “Update Tool Download“.

Step 2: Download and install “Launch Creader Update Tool “, after installation is complete, run it.

Step 3: in the following picture, select Language (English, Chinese, French and Spanish available) and input product Serial Number (the serial number is in the back of Creader VII+ /Creader VIII)

Step 4: click “Update” to enter the registration page, input Email and Register Code, click “Submit“.

(Note: if you need Register Code, please refer to step 5 to step 8; if you already have Register Code, after submit, skip to step 9. )

Step 5: the register code can be found in the Creader VII+ / Creader VIII, how to find? Connect one end of the USB cable to Creader VII+ / Creader VIII, and another end to the computer.

Step 6: Wait until Lacunch CReader profeesional 129 CRP129 enter the main menu, then Move the mouse pointer to the “Help” icon, finally press the “OK button.

Step 7: select “Tool Information“, then press button “OK“.

Step 8: the register code shown below is the one needed to enter in the step 4.

(Back to step 4 to input register code and continue)

Step 9: insert TF card into TF card reader, then insert the TF card into the computer.

Step 10: restart the “Launch Creader Update Tool “, select the file you need or click “All”, then click “Download” to start the download.

Step 11: After complete download, take out TF card from TF card reader and insert it into the slot of Creader VII+ / Creader VIII, then supply power for Creader VII+ / Creader VIII by the USB cable (one end of the USB cable connect to Creader VII+ / Creader VIII and another end to the computer) or by the vehicle diagnostic socket (connect the OBDII connector of Creader VII+ / Creader VIII to vehicle diagnostic socket ), after the Creader starts, it popup a window prompting ” System Upgrade- Sure Upgrade?”, select “OK” to upgrade.

Step 12: update complete!

LAUNCH X431 Creader CRP129 and X431 Creader VII+

We have LAUNCH X431 Launch CRP129 and LAUNCH Creader VII+ on sale on our website.

which will be faster ,it can also save your custom duty.

Launch OBDII Code Reader X431 CRP129 (Creader viii) Four Systems Diagnosis    218USD



Launch X431 OBDII Code Reader Creader VII+ ( OBD2 CRP123) Multi-language   169USD



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