Month: March 2019

How to use BMW 35080 adapter with Yanhua Mini ACDP

I have a question about Yanhua Mini ACDP + module 4 BMW 35080 read and write: Can the 35080 adapter be used with puncture socket so don’t need to remove eeprom? OBD2TOOL engineer answers: The BMW 35080 adapter has to be dismantled to read and write with Yanhua Mini ACDP, instead of

How To Set the Piwis Tester II Scanner Self-Test Mode

On the Piwis Tester 2 V18.150.500 Piwis 2 software, the Self-test mode default setting off, How to turn Porsche Piwis ii for Porsche diagnostic tool self-test mode? Below we share the Piwis Tester 2 Self-Test Mode Turn On & Off Guide as follow. Piwis Tester 2 For Porsche Diagnostic & Programming

Lonsdor K518ise Latest Review 2018.12.05

Lonsdor K518ISE Latest Review,  Have a check: programmed key ok. Corsa E (2016) read PIN (BCM) = OK VW Amarok 2016 add key ok and backup eeprom FIAT 500 2008 Read Pin code and preapre remtote key than program. ALL FINE I have start loving this toy when i bought it

Lonsdor K518ise Latest Update SCION

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Latest Update on March 14,2019, Update for Scion,Smart,Audi,Pontiac: SCION\CH-R\2018\Smart key SCION\CH-R\2018\mechanical key SCION\FR-S\2013-2016\Smart key SCION\FR-S\2013-2016\mechanical key SCIONN\IA\2016-2018\Smart key SCION\IM\2017-2018\mechanical key SCION\IQ\12012-2015\mechanical key SCION\TC\2005-2010\mechanical key SCION\TC\2011-2015\Smart key SCION\TC\2011-2015\mechanical key SCION\XB\2012-2013\mechanical key SCION\XB\2012\REMOTE SCION\XD\2012-2013\mechanical key SMART\BR450\2002-\IMMOBILIzer SMART\BR452\2003-2006\IMMOBILIZER SMART\Br454\2004-2006\Immobilizer Audi\A4l\Immobilizer/Smart key PONTIAC\Torrent\Immobilizer\2007-2009

Toyota Techstream V14 reviews failure or success

Do you have any good success with TOYOTA Techstream V14 latest version? Here are Techstream V14 reviews. Related Contents: TOYOTA Techstream V14.00.018 (02/2019) free download on win7 Review 1: failed Have weird issue with Techstream (v14.00.018). I can’t see any interface  when I go into ‘VIM Select’. I use MongoosePro cable

How Does For Porsche Piwis III Software Update Piwis 3 FAQ

Piwis 3 Reviews For Porsche Piwis Tester III Scanner Latest generation Porsche Tester Piwis III with V37.250.020 Software support Porsche Car till 2018. We sell the Piwis Tester 3 with Panasonic CF-54 full system installed V37.250.020 Piwis 3 software installed full system ready to use. Most client inquiry the Piwis 3

?Cómo resolver FVDI 2018 en 2014 BMW 3 “No se pudo sincronizar HW”

Cuando probé mi FVDI 2018 para programar la llave para el BMW 3 2014, recibí el mensaje de error “Al realizar la sincronización de HW a través de Internet … No se pudo sincronizar HW, quedan horas: 0. ATENCIóN: Compruebe si la conexión a Internet está disponible para realizar la sincronización